Seigaku's Nine Princes

    The Prince of Tennis: A Summary

  • older player: I'm good. I'm so fucking good. I'm the best. I'm really good.
  • ryoma echizen: 'sup
  • older player: fuck
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The sparkly stars up there… They seem kinda delicious, don’t they?  

You guys are actually so awesome??? Like wow thanks for following and liking and reblogging even after all this time I’ve been inactive ;___;
Actually just restarting the manga bc I forgot where I was. More screencaps & TeniPuri love

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you definitely needed this in your life

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“Be awed by my prowess!”


Prince of Tennis National Tournament OVA 20  "The Prince of Yakiniku"

"The main part is neither salt nor sauce! It’s grilling!


lets meet the team!!

"shotgun boy" billy cassidy. i don’t know what shotgun refers to. probably a fast serve but maybe he just likes to shoot. maybe he drinks a lot. exciting mysteries here on prince of tennis

"flaming red dragon" mike lee. he looks very tired.


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Echizen siblings being closed each other… RYOMA HIS INNOCENT LOOK OMG STOP BEING CUTE

Ryoga, what the hell you show porn magazine to Ryoma >.>

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